About Us

Wall Street Equities Research is a full service equities research firm. We cover a wide range of equities from small to large cap listed on all of the United States stock exchanges.

Our team comprises of professionals with a variety of finance and industry backgrounds. Because we have a diverse and talented team, we are able to bring you comprehensive research analysis on stocks in a variety of sectors.

Our research reports are aimed at giving you, the investor, and in depth look into company fundamentals, its past and current performance, and its future. Having the ability to anticipate and act early based on solid research gives you a distinct advantage over other investors.

At Wall Street Equities Research, we cut through the spin that all too often clouds an investor’s judgement. We bring you the hard facts and professional opinions from a team with over 80 years combined experienced.

Our coverage on a publicly listed company is generally for a one year period. During a contracted period, we will compile an initiation report, which can be anywhere from 8 – 20 pages, depending on the complexity of the company, its industry and operating history. Initiation reports typically include an overview of the company, its history, industry analysis, competitive environment, product/service offerings, management and board overview, corporate governance, investment merits and risks, financial & ratio analysis, valuations and price targets (where appropriate) and our recommendation and investment rating.

Updated reports are compiled at least quarterly, or when the company has been impacted by a material event that may effect its financial position or performance, valuation, or investment outlook.

In addition, our analysts are independent of the company they are reporting on, are remunerated in advance by Wall Street Equities Research, and are sent “on assignment” in order to conduct a thorough, fair and balanced report, and resulting opinion, without undue pressures or influence.

We welcome you to join us by registering your details above, and we look forward to serving you in the future.