Distribution & Visibility

Our expertly compiled research reports provide investors with valuable insight into the investment merits of a given company. But what’s the point of producing a comprehensive report if potential¬† investors do not get to see it? We distribute our research to a comprehensive network of traditional and new age media ensuring that as many potential investors as possible are exposed to these research reports, giving them the information they may need to make a decision on whether or not to invest.

Our distribution and visibility channels include:

Major Online Media
Our reports are distributed to many major financial news outlets, such as First Call, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Capital IQ, Zacks and others, as well as through our website and Wall Street Equities Research representatives.



Press Releases
Report publication announcements are made to the global investing community via press releases to all major financial portals, such as Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance, MarketWatch, AOL and many others, including local domestic online news portals. You can see here for an example.


Online Finance Portals, Message Boards and Chat Rooms
When we release a research report, it is announced through all of the most popular investing portals, message boards and chat rooms. We have strong partnerships with active contributors on investor forums such as InvestorsHub, Yahoo! Finance, Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha, Stock Hideout, and Silicon Investor and many more.


Third Party Newsletter/Email & Social Media Distribution
Wall Street Equities Research partners with many popular investing newsletters, who collectively have hundreds of thousands of opt-in investor emails, social media followers (predominantly through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), phone numbers and postal addresses. Our research receives substantial exposure from a large database of targeted, opt-in investors.


Proprietary Investor Database
We maintain our own investor database, which is made up of institutional and retail investors, stock brokers, fund managers and other investment professionals. All of our research is sent, either electronically or in hard copy, to those potentially interested recipients.